About Us

Our Flavours

At Vikendi Premium ice cream lounge you get to cherish the exotic flavors of the best gelato in town. We take you through a huge and exciting variety of food beverages. We bring to you the best textures with great essence and seasoning that you have never tasted before.Check out our food cuisine and find for yourself what makes us the magicians of ice cream.

Do you want to fulfill your passionate taste desires for delicious gelatos and beverages this summer?

Burst your mouth with the divine flavors of ice creams this summer. As we are here with our premium super creamy gelatos that have their own Italian touch with all fresh ingredients. For all organic food lovers we even have all fruit flavors extracted from natural ingredients. Our artistic chiefs create both creamy and flavorful ice creams that go best with the tastes of every season. So, you can’t risk to miss and even think of saying no to the masters of quality and crazy flavors.


What do you want to have in the summers?

A slushy drink, mocktails, smoothies! You will get all you can drink and eat. We have all in one dessert that will make you feel as refreshing as sitting on a beach. So, you don't have to just stick to those boring Icey cold drinks in hot summers.

Our Team

We will help you beat the heat with our must-have mocktail with added fun in our own way. Our chiefs are specialized in making healthy mocktails packed with ingredients that are full of nutrients. Our health boosting drinks are made keeping in mind our customers' needs. They are completely safe for any of your family members including pregnant women and children.

We also have other delicious food items like burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and even continental snacks meeting all your food preferences. Vikendi Ice Cream Lounge is a presentation from VINCENTEA FOODS PVT LTD. To experience the perfect blend of sweetness and great flavors, visit us today!